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San Jose, CA 95120

  1. For Non Technical issues ( Sales and Financials), Please Contact  your App store. We are not handling  or responding to any issues that are not technical.

Technical Issues:

Please Email us using the following criteria

  1. BulletPlease consult with each App’s page on this site.

  2. BulletProvide App’s name.

  3. BulletWhich device is used (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac..).

  4. BulletIOS version number (3.1,...4.2,...)

  5. BulletDetail  description of the issue( Steps to recreate ).

  6. BulletIf you have any suggestions regarding products or improvements, please let us know.

  7. BulletWe will do our best to fix any problem, or improve on each App’s next update.

  8. Bullet Thanks for your support and feedback.                

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